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Why we are Here

A message from Rom Whitaker, Founding Board Member

   The North Carolina Watermen United was formed to react to the Coastal Recreational Fishing License (CRFL). The charter boat industry was blindsided by this legislation and suddenly had to scramble to negotiate a license we could live with. I had no idea when I entered the fishing industry that I would need to worry about politics, but it has become a requirement. The working watermen of North Carolina must unite to have a strong and positive impact on future fishing laws and regulations for both state and federal government.        


A look at what we do


Promote and assist in the enactment and enforcement of laws and regulations that ensure the rights of watermen to continue the practice of harvesting the fisheries resource of North Carolina.


​​Work to encourage the maintenance of high standards of professionalism among the watermen of North Carolina


Engage in substantial public relations efforts to ensure that citizens throughout the state of North Carolina understand the problems, concerns and proposed solutions to these problems from the point of view of the professional watermen who work the waters.

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